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Special Services - InstaForex India

Special Services

Special Services - InstaForex India

Unlock Exclusive Benefits for Your Trading

In addition to our standard Eurica and Standard accounts, we offer a range of special offers tailored to meet your specific trading needs. These special offers provide an individualized approach, allowing you to maximize your financial plan.

You have the option to activate a special offer when opening a trading account or apply it to your existing account. Simply click on the corresponding link below to explore the details of each offer and submit a request to attach it to your trading account. 

Special Services - InstaForex India

Diversify Your Currency Holdings

With insta forex india, you have the flexibility to open accounts in multiple currencies, including USD, EUR, and RUB. By diversifying your currency holdings, you can mitigate risks and take advantage of potential currency movements.

Special Services - InstaForex India

Swap-Free Accounts for Convenient Trading

InstaForex India offers swap-free accounts, also known as Islamic accounts, for traders who require a swap-free trading environment. Whether due to religious beliefs or specific trading systems, our swap-free accounts provide a hassle-free solution.


Enjoy the same trading conditions and benefits as our Standard and Eurica accounts while adhering to your individual requirements.

Special Services - InstaForex India

Maximize Your Deposits with Floating Bonuses

InstaForex India presents a lucrative opportunity for clients to receive floating bonuses of up to 55% on every deposit made to their trading accounts. Unlike fixed bonuses offered by competitors, our incentive program allows you to enjoy the flexibility of using the bonuses in your trades without any limitations. Also, there are no hidden conditions that restrict trading with these bonuses. The bonus system is fully automated, enabling you to claim your bonus at any time. 

Special Services - InstaForex India

Profitable Investing and Trading with PAMM System

Our PAMM system connects investors with successful traders for profitable results. Investors can access the ratings of skilled traders and participate in their profitable deals. Traders can attract investors based on their performance on the monitoring list. The PAMM system ensures the safety of investor funds and simplifies the investment process. 

Enjoy our fully advanced automatic robotic trading for securing profits per month without any knowledge of forex market.

Special Services - InstaForex India

300+ Trading Instruments for Diverse Trading

InstaForex India offers over 300 trading instruments, including forex, metals, stocks, and futures. Traders can enjoy a wide range of currency pairs, CFDs on shares, spot gold and silver, and futures on various instruments. The list also includes popular stock indices and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. With this extensive selection, traders have the flexibility to adapt their strategies and explore diverse trading opportunities.

Special Services - InstaForex India

Segregated Accounts for Enhanced Protection

At InstaForex India, we offer the option of segregated accounts, providing our clients with an extra layer of security for their funds. By opening a segregated account, your capital will be kept separate from the company's funds, safeguarding it against any potential risks or unforeseen circumstances related to our activities. With this arrangement, you can have peace of mind knowing that your funds are protected and isolated.

Special Services - InstaForex India

Trade Like the Pros with ForexCopy

Experience the power of ForexCopy, a revolutionary service offered by InstaForex India. This cutting-edge system allows you to replicate the trading strategies of successful traders in real-time. Whether you're an existing InstaForex account holder or a new user, you can join ForexCopy and start copying the trades of top forex traders instantly. 

Special Services - InstaForex India

Enhance Your Trading with VPS Hosting

Designed specifically for forex trading, backed up with a reliable server and uninterrupted power supply, our VPS ensures 24/7 availability and optimal trading performance. Enjoy high-speed internet connection and trade seamlessly using your preferred device.

Special Services - InstaForex India

Invest with OYS Accounts

Maximize your financial plan with OYS Accounts. Following the strategy of investing in the S&P 500, you have the opportunity to make additional investments periodically. This approach, advocated by the legendary investor Warren Buffett, has proven to be highly successful. 

Special Services - InstaForex India

Coupon Bonus: Profit Without Risk

Join the coupon bonus campaign with InstaForex India and unlock the opportunity to earn profit without any investment or risk. As a coupon holder, you are eligible to receive a bonus according to the terms specified in the coupon. Don't miss out on this chance to boost your earnings and trade with confidence.

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