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PAMM System

PAMM System

Welcome to the PAMM forex system FAQ section, where we provide answers to all your questions about the PAMM forex system offered by InstaForex India. We constantly update this section based on valuable customer feedback, ensuring you have the latest information. Let's explore how you can register and benefit from our PAMM forex system.

Enjoy our fully advanced automatic robotic trading for securing profits per month without any knowledge of FOREX market.

Registering with the PAMM forex system is a simple process. First, you need to open a live trading account with InstaForex India. If you already have an account with us, you can start registering for the PAMM forex system right away. We have a step-by-step guide in the corresponding section to assist you throughout the registration process.

The InstaForex India PAMM System fosters a unique partnership between investors and managing traders. This system allows the use of mutual funds to trade in the forex market, with profits automatically calculated and distributed proportionally based on participants' investments in the respective PAMM project. Our PAMM forex accounts offer:

Investment Opportunities:

InstaForex India PAMM system allows you to invest in forex projects. As a customer, you can either accept investments from other traders or invest your funds in PAMM forex accounts, becoming a shareholder of the account.

Two User Categories: Our PAMM forex system caters to two user categories:

PAMM System


Register as an investor to invest your funds in trader accounts and earn a share of the profits generated by traders. By transferring your funds under the company's control, you gain a proportionate share in the trader account based on your investment.

PAMM System


Register as a trader to accept unlimited investments from an unlimited number of investors. Our system provides you with full control, reporting, and automatic operation monitoring, ensuring a seamless experience.

The PAMM forex system offers numerous opportunities for both investors and traders. As an investor, you gain control and detailed reports on all your operations, shares, and returns. Traders have the advantage of accepting unlimited investments from multiple investors, allowing for unlimited growth potential.

Start your journey with InstaForex India's PAMM forex system and explore the exciting possibilities of forex investment.

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